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Text message marketing
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Reach your customers in seconds

90%+ of all texts are read within 3 minutes

And get them to take action!

SMS response rates are 209% higher compared to email

Thousands of small businesses are already connecting with their customers through VoxDirect

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All from a single app on your phone or desktop


Our customers are:

100K 90K $10M
100K 90K $10M
100K 90K $10M
in extra sales

...with text marketing every month!

See how you can connect with text message marketing from VoxDirect


List building

Build your tribe - start connecting
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Either upload your list of phone numbers, or say, run a campaign on Facebook saying “text JOIN to 800-123-4567” and start building your tribe!


Mass messages

Reach your entire list in seconds
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Reach hundreds or thousands of customers in a single click. Schedule your messages and target specific lists.


SMS auto responders

Engage leads instantly
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Send instant, automated text messages to your contacts when they text a specific keyword. Deliver on-demand information and promotions, and get responses - fast!


Text message scheduling

Write it now,
send it later
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Schedule text messages to go out any date, any time. Set up from single text messages to your full year’s worth of promotions at once. You can even automate your messages by scheduling them to repeat on a regular basis.


Drip campaigns

Keep the relationship alive
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Nurture customers & prospects with set-it and forget-it drip campaigns after they’ve joined your list, and keep building a close relationship with your subscribers.


Two-way text messaging

Make it
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Now your customers can send texts to your business number, set appointments, send in orders, and respond to sales alerts. can respond back to them from your business number!



Grow your
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Your customers and prospects can text the keyword "Join", for example, to your chosen number and automatically be added to a list. can choose as many keywords to build as many lists as you choose!


Text marketing integrations

Bring it all together
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Integrate VoxDirect’s text message marketing with popular email systems, CRMs, and marketing software through Zapier.


Business phone

Be professional, stay personal
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Get a separate number and keep your own phone - so you can keep working (or not) wherever you are! 😉

We’re not tooting our own horn. We promise!

Jamie Dement and VoxDirect gave me back my cell phone for personal use! The VoxDirect text messaging app and feature allows me to separate business texts from personal texts which gives me the freedom to be 'off duty' more often! As an entrepreneur, that is gold! & they did it at no charge!
Kimberly J. Krueger Author, Founder - The Fellowship of Extraordinary Women
Kimberly J. Krueger
Having the ability to send and schedule “blast marketing texts” is a true time-saver for me. Worth every penny.
Joe Camacho Owner, Dog Squad
Joe Camacho
VoxDirect is a valuable service that can benefit all small business owners. It is user friendly and this will save me a lot of money versus using a robust phone system. I love being able to send out one text message to over 100 different people all at once which saves me both time and money.
Justin Blake Owner, Asset Consulting and Contracting Inc.
Justin Blake

Text marketing has been used successfully in like...every industry...

Let’s get this party started!💃

Get your customers replying to your offers now.

1 Choose a Number

Choose from our selection of toll-free numbers and local numbers. Or port a number you already love and use. Then pick the plan that fits your business best.

2 Upload your list

Use an existing list of customer phone numbers, or work with our team to get started building your first list from scratch.

3 Start connecting

Send a blast message to your contacts in seconds, or set up trigger-based workflows and sit back and relax.


Still no clicky-clicky?

Here's the answers to your burning questions

“What do I need to get started?”

Nothing, nada, zip, zero! Just sign-up, get started and we’ll guide you through.

“Will I be locked into a contract?”

We’re sure you’re gonna love VoxDirect as much as our other customers do! All of our monthly plans are month-to-month billing and you can cancel anytime! Our annual plans are paid upfront so you’re committed for the year - contact us if you’d like to cancel or if there’s a problem - we’ll sort it!

“Will my existing phone system be replaced? ”

More like turbo-charged and supercharged! Now you can get both a phone system AND text message marketing all in the same platform. One business number for both voice and text! If you’re wondering what the process looks like for transitioning to a new system... all you need to do is select “keep my existing number” when you sign up and follow the prompts.

“Do I need my customers permission in writing before sending them text messages?”
Yes, you’ll need to ensure that your customers give you express permission to text them - whether that be digitally (such as signing up to your text messages through your keyword) or on paper such as adding their name and number to a form). For all customers you should send them a welcome message confirming their agreement and all messages should have an opt-out option. For more information please contact us and we’ll set you straight.
“I have more questions…”

Sure - no problem! We’d love to help :)  Contact our sales team here, or chat with us now

“I don’t have time to learn a new technology”

VoxDirect is the simplest (and only) business SMS+voice-in-one system. Send and receive all messages with an easy-to-use app right on your phone.

“It’s probably pretty expensive”

Nope, it’s not! Because VoxDirect is the only provider offering both voice + text marketing on one platform, we can afford to offer incredibly competitive pricing. In fact, we invite you to compare us to similar solutions on the market! AND you can get started for as little as $39 USD per month ►

Start connecting with your customers today!

30-day free trial | All features access | No setup fee

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