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Eric Green
Eric Green Owner - Eagle Powersports
Having the VoxDirect virtual assistant has helped my new motorcycle dealership sound professional and much larger than a start-up business.
Daniel Gray
Daniel Gray Exotic Mobile Marketing
Our non-profit organization uses VoxDirect to manage our donor lists and we use the toll-free number and virtual assistant to create a hotline that allows us to redirect emergency calls 24/7.
Jamie DeMent
Jamie DeMent Business Consultant
The VoxDirect platform is amazing! I love that I am able to keep my business calls and text separate from my personal ones and don't need to have my personal cell number out on the web.

Here’s why you need a business phone system


Personal Phone

Out in the park with no reception and no call forwarding? You’re gonna miss that business.

Dog barking in the background, dropped calls - that isn’t gonna cut it.


Phone System

Up to 80% of customers will hang up without leaving a vm if no-one answers- route your calls to your staff instead.

Stay professional - up to 70% of people will end a business relationship because of poor phone etiquette.

Get Your Business Phone with VoxDirect
30-day free trial | All features access | No setup fee
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All from a single app on your phone or desktop

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Keep your business and personal phone lines separate

Add a business line and virtual phone system to your personal phone and run your business - your way.


Call from anywhere using WiFi

No reception? No problem. Get your calls over WiFi. Save your minutes and data and use WiFi for business calls and texts.


Quickly read through your voicemails

Setup a professional voicemail for your biz then have your voicemails transcribed to text and read them from your mobile or laptop.


Two-way text messaging

Now your customers can send texts to your business number and you can respond back to them from your business number.


Get a virtual assistant—without the payroll

Set up multiple virtual receptionists to help your business sound more professional and ensure you never miss a call.


Get customers to reach the right staff

Create your extensions, route them to any phone or group of phones. Your staff can have their own extensions too!

What others are saying

I have been running my company off my cell phone and everyone calls my number for anything and everything. As a growing business, this has become an issue with other team members needing to engage clients and vendors. By using VoxDirect, I have now been able to change the way the team works with vendors and clients.
Scott Genthner CEO - Catalyst Agency
Scott Genthner
VoxDirect offers our financial services firm a best in class communication tool at an affordable price. Because of the virtual assistant our clients enjoy a concierge-like experience that ensures they get the information they need from the right person quickly and easily.
Evelio Silvera Partner, Neuman Silvera Financial
Evelio Silvera
I used to use RingCentral for my business and they were horrible. Numerous dropped calls and recordings didn’t work all the time. As a growing business, this has become an issue and I needed to work with a company that is reliable. I was so happy to find Voxox since I am now able to engage with clients and vendors with confidence knowing that my calls won’t be dropped.
Ruby Benoit Founder & Head of Craftiness, Craft Good Business
Ruby Benoit

Claim Your Business Phone 

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Here's what you'll get ...

  • 1 Phone Number
  • 3 Extension Numbers
  • 2 Virtual Receptionists
  • Unlimited SMS (peer-to-peer)
  • Unlimited Minutes
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“It’s probably pretty expensive”

Nope, it’s not! Because VoxDirect is the only provider offering both voice + text marketing plans, we can afford to offer incredibly competitive pricing. In fact, we invite you to compare us to similar solutions on the market! AND you can get started for as little as $24.99 USD per month ►

“What do I need to get started?”

Nothing, nada, zip, zero! Just sign-up, get started and we’ll guide you through.

“Will I be locked into a contract?”
We’re sure you’re gonna love VoxDirect as much as our other customers do! All of our monthly plans are month-to-month billing and you can cancel anytime! Our annual plans are paid upfront so you’re committed for the year - contact us if you’d like to cancel or if there’s a problem - we’ll sort it!
“Will my existing phone system be replaced?”

If you’re wondering what the process looks like for transitioning to a new system... all you need to do is select “keep my existing number” when you sign up and follow the prompts.

“Do you offer customer support?”

Yes, we have a customer success team ready to assist you

“I have more questions…”

Sure - no problem! We’d love to help :)  Contact our sales team here, or chat with us now

A complete business phone text message marketing system for your small business... for free.

Get Your Business Phone with VoxDirect
30-day free trial | All features access | No setup fee
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