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$14.99/mo Paid monthly Switch to annual, save $36/year
$12/mo Paid annually

Ideal for entrepreneurs who want to start building their tribe.

Plan features:
  • Keep your existing number or choose a new one
  • Blast Text Credits 500
  • SMS (Peer 2 Peer) Unlimited
$24.99/mo Paid monthly Switch to annual, save $60/year
$20/mo Paid annually

Ideal for small businesses ready to multiply and expand their tribes.

Plan features:
  • Keep your existing number or choose a new one
  • Blast Text Credits 1000
  • SMS (Peer 2 Peer) Unlimited

All of our texting plans include

  • Free help to build your list
  • Unlimited 1-to-1 messaging, drip campaigns, blast texts, auto-responses,
  • Unlimited subscribers, unlimited lists, unlimited keywords.
  • Integration with 1000s of other services, and much much more!

No contracts

We are so confident that you will love VoxDirect that we don't ask for a long-term contract AND....you can cancel anytime.

No Hidden fees

We believe in fair and transparent billing, you will never see surprise charges or fees on your bill. What you sign up for is what you pay, that's it!

Your own text marketing expert

When you get started, you will be assigned a personal voice and text marketing expert to help you build your list, start your campaign, and learn how simple VoxDirect really is.
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Here are the answers to your burning questions

“What do I need to get started?”

Nothing, nada, zip, zero! Just sign-up, get started and we’ll guide you through.

“Will I be locked into a contract?”

We’re sure you’re gonna love VoxDirect as much as our other customers do! All of our monthly plans are month-to-month billing and you can cancel anytime! Contact us if you’d like to cancel or if there’s a problem - we’ll sort it!

“Do I need my customers permission in writing before sending them text messages?”
Yes, you’ll need to ensure that your customers give you express permission to text them - whether that be digitally (such as signing up to your text messages through your keyword) or on paper such as adding their name and number to a form). For all customers you should send them a welcome message confirming their agreement and all messages should have an opt-out option. For more information please contact us and we’ll set you straight.
“What kind of customer support do you offer?”

Glad you asked! Our support team aren’t your usual order takers - they’re text and voice marketing experts - on hand to help you connect with your customers and keep building your tribe! Think of them as your personal marketing superstars and you’re halfway there!

“I have more questions…”

Sure - no problem! We’d love to help :)  Contact our sales team here, or chat with us now

"When I think of the time and MONEY I have spent in marketing and building my business in the past, I am thrilled how VoxDirect provided greater connectivity and opportunity. I love VoxDirect because it has literally expanded my businesses toward better communication and connection with my teams and customers."
Leda Pérez President/CEO
LPC Partnerships, LLC
Leda Pérez