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How to Add Rocket Fuel to Your Comeback

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About the Episode

Mike “C-Roc” is a highly acclaimed performance coach, thought leader, and founder of the “What Are You Made Of?” Movement. Mike knows the pain of abuse and setback. Yet, he’s turned his struggles into rocket fuel that’s launched him into great achievement and great success. Today, his focus is on empowering others and helping them achieve their goals, no matter what challenges they may be facing. Are you ready to pour rocket fuel on your business? This episode is for you!

About the Guest

C-Roc is the CEO of People Building, Inc. He is a performance coach, author, dynamic public speaker, visionary, and thought leader. He has been featured by Yahoo! Finance as one of the Top Business Leaders to Follow in 2020 and is on a mission to build people. At his core, he’s obsessed with success and helping others achieve greatness.  C-Roc is a guy who had a fire lit in him at an early age. That fire has led him to inspire others to see the greatness inside of themselves using past life events to fuel their fire. 

As Founder of the What Are You Made Of? Movement and host of the hit podcast, What Are You Made Of? with Mike C-Roc, he has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to use setbacks as rocket fuel for their comeback. 

He teaches business professionals, showing them how to grow their business starting with a foundation based on culture and accountability, to building their people to unimaginable levels.

Both in-person and on-air, C-Roc dives deep into his past during these talks to show how you can feed off good and bad experiences. His forthcoming book is titled, “What Are You Made Of? The Art of People Building.”

Mike is also a division manager at Nations Lending, a residential mortgage company. He and his three best friends have built one of the most profitable divisions within Nations Lending from the ground up, assisting home buyers to finance the purchase of their dream homes. His passion is truly helping others. Whether it’s his employees, partners, clients, or anyone else looking to better their business, personal life, or mental game, C-Roc always is up for the challenge.

About The Comeback Show

In each episode, Staci sits down with notable business leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs to discuss how they have turned adversity into epic comeback stories that enabled them to build a life and business they love.