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Simple & Effective Text Marketing (+ Voice!) For Your Growing Business... all in One Platform


Thousands of growing businesses are building their tribes every single day with VoxDirect, and you can too.

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Let’s be honest...

When you connect with your customers, your business thrives.


  • No one reads your emails
  • Facebook messages are spammy
  • Your flyers go straight to the dumpster
  • You can’t talk to your customers while walking your dog
  • ...and using your personal number for business?......that’s never gonna work with kids around...

Let me break it down for you:
All you need to do is cut through the noise and be real...

...and that’s where VoxDirect comes in, my friend...

Get the picture

Dedicated Business Phone

Get a dedicated business phone system

Never miss a call or lose touch with your customers with our unified voice and text message marketing system.

  • Unlimited virtual receptionists
  • Intelligent call routing to any phone or group of phones
  • Multiple extensions for unlimited employees
  • Virtual phone numbers – toll-free, local, or use your own business number
  • Professional custom greetings

Biz Text Messaging

Business text messaging

  • Get VoxDirect’s automated workflows to help you manage customer responses, signups and more…
  • Have automated text marketing campaigns constantly running in the background.
  • Send hundreds or thousands of texts at once. Get your customer’s replies on your computer or phone.

in one.

❤️ your customers, wherever they are.

Here’s a fun fact for RETAIL

Texts get 5x higher open rates

(compared to email)
Retail - New Product
Retail Promotion
Retail Orders
Retail - Receipts
Here’s a fun fact for RESTAURANTS

SMS response rates are 7.5 x higher

(compared to email)
Restaurant - Promotion
Restaurant - New Dish
Restaurant - Notify
Restaurant - Pickup
Here’s a fun fact for REAL ESTATE AGENTS

90%+ of all texts are read within 3 minutes

Real Estate - Open House
Real Estate - New Listing
Real Estate - Showings
Real Estate

Hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

5 stars rating


Eric Green
Eric Green Owner - Eagle Powersports
Having the VoxDirect virtual assistant has helped my new motorcycle dealership sound professional and much larger than a start-up business.
Daniel Gray
Daniel Gray Exotic Mobile Marketing
Our non-profit organization uses VoxDirect to manage our donor lists and we use the toll-free number and virtual assistant to create a hotline that allows us to redirect emergency calls 24/7.
Scott Genthner
Scott Genthner Catalyst Agency
By using VoxDirect, the automated assistant directs my vendors and clients to the right person and takes me out of the phone-loop. Now I can focus on growing my business without being an operator for the office.

Hurry - your customers want to hear from you...

but email just isn't working for them. 😐

Let me show you what your future holds...✨


Build your tribe!

Earn your customer’s trust and form close connections with your customers over time.

  • Unlimited subscriber lists - stay in text with all your customers
  • Trigger-based workflows - send welcoming text sequences to any new list member!
  • 2-way 1-to-1 texting - respond and engage on conversations

“When I think of the time and MONEY I have spent in marketing and building my business in the past, I am thrilled how VoxDirect provided greater connectivity and opportunity. I love VoxDirect because it has literally expanded my businesses toward better communication and connection with my teams and customers.”

~ Leda Pérez

Get people in the door...

Reach your customers instantly by sending them relevant, personalized promotions, specials and reminders....

  • Drip campaigns - engage your customers on auto-pilot
  • Blast text messaging - share good news, promotions and specials

“I love the efficiency and privacy of being able to communicate with large client lists to offer promotions, specials, and reminders. We are swamped with emails and many get missed... with VoxDirect text marketing the message will be seen in real-time!”

~ Manal Fakhoury

Be professional, stay personal

Get a separate phone number and keep your own phone - so you can keep working (or not) wherever you are! :)

  • Unlimited virtual assistants - press 1 for sales, 2 for customer service
  • Toll free, local, vanity numbers or keep your own number!
  • Call recording - always have a record of your calls
  • Business hours - keep you life - balanced!

"I love the flexibility of the virtual receptionist... I can make a decision to change something and within seconds it's live on my virtual receptionist. Very simple to use!”

~ Glen Crawford

Work, poolside

Now you can work from anywhere, while your business stays on auto-pilot. Walk the dog, play with your kids, live life and let your system do the messaging.

  • Use your own phone - no need for another one
  • Easy-to-use mobile app - it’s all just a click away
  • Call routing - to wherever you are

"The VoxDirect platform is amazing! I love that I am able to keep my business calls and text separate from my personal ones and don't need to have my personal cell number out on the web."

~ Jamie DeMent

Let’s get this party started!💃

Get your customers replying to your offers now.

1 Choose a Number
2 Upload your list
3 Start connecting

Still no clicky-clicky?

Here's the answers to your burning questions

“I don’t have time to learn a new technology”
VoxDirect is the simplest (and only) business SMS+voice-in-one system. Send and receive all messages with an easy-to-use app right on your phone.
“I don’t have a list of phone numbers”
No problem - a member of the VoxDirect customer success team will help you build your first list, and help you get more sales!
“It’s probably pretty expensive”

Nope, it’s not! Because VoxDirect is the only provider offering both voice + text marketing on one platform, we can afford to offer incredibly competitive pricing. In fact, we invite you to compare us to similar solutions on the market! AND you can get started for as little as $39 USD per month ►

“I don’t know if it will work for my business”

Text marketing has been used successfully in virtually every industry. If you want to build a tribe of loyal, engaged customers, there is simply no better way than text marketing... - No other channel gets 90+% response rate within the first 3 minutes. Not even close. Get started with no commitment, and our team will help you get the juice out of VoxDirect ► 

“I already have a phone system”
That’s great! Now get both a phone system AND text message marketing all in the same platform. One business number for both voice and text! And you may be wondering what the process looks like for transitioning to a new system... All you need to do is select “keep my existing number” when you sign up and follow the prompts.
“Do I need my customers permission in writing before sending them text messages”
Yes, and we even have a system to show you how to ask your customers for expressed permission to text them future deals, coupons, announcements, etc. It’s as simple as creating a text opt-in page (we’ll show you how) or asking customers to text your chosen keyword like “SAVE” to your number, or having them put their name and number on a paper form. Once they are on the list, we encourage you to send them a customized welcome message confirming their agreement and an option to text “STOP” at anytime to be removed from your list. For more information please contact us and we’ll get you started!

See how growing businesses are building their tribes with VoxDirect

5 stars rating


VoxDirect offers our financial services firm a best in class communication tool at an affordable price. Because of the virtual assistant, our clients enjoy a concierge-like experience that ensures they get the information they need from the right person quickly and easily. The group texting features allow us to effectively get a hold of clients with updates and has increased our response rates dramatically, while reducing the time spent on making multiple calls and leaving messages.
Evelio Silvera Partner - Neuman Silvera Financial
Evelio Silvera
“Our non-profit organization uses VoxDirect to connect with our donors, message volunteers, reroute phone calls, and offer a toll-free hotline that allows the women and girls we rescue to access us 24/7. The virtual assistant even allows us to cut down on extra staffing and redirects all calls to our team member’s cell phones. We are so grateful for VoxDirect.”
Christina Willis Outreach Director - EMwomen
Christina Willis
“Having the ability to send and schedule “blast marketing texts” is a true time-saver for me. Worth every penny.”
Joe Camacho Dog Squad
Joe Camacho
“Just one new customer from VoxDirect led to dozens of new orders that have multiplied into dozens of new customers. I no longer have to give out a cell phone number to run my professional catering business and texting allows me to quickly communicate and promote our services.”
Patti Moring Owner - La Casella Catering
Patti Moring
“VoxDirect is a valuable service that can benefit all small business owners. It is user friendly and this will save me a lot of money versus using a robust phone system. I love being able to send out one text message to over 100 different people all at once which saves me both time and money. I use this to send out text blasts to all of my sub-contractors to make sure that communication is understood clearly. Having the ability to do this is invaluable as a general contractor”
Justin Blake Owner - Asset Consulting and Contracting Inc
Justin Blake
"The VoxDirect platform is amazing! I love that I am able to keep my business calls and text separate from my personal ones and don't need to have my personal cell number out on the web. The system has also allowed me to easily connect with my customers in a way that they want to communicate, and I know my messages will be read."
Jamie DeMent Business Consultant
 Jamie DeMent
"I have been using VoxDirect for close to 5 months as a tool to communicate with my clients. I love the flexibility of the virtual receptionist. It’s very simple to use. The texting platform is an easy and effective tool to instantly make announcements. I’ve used other platforms in the past and nothing compares…not even close!”
Glen Crawford Glen Crawford Coaching
Glen Crawford