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Thousands of small businesses are already connecting with their customers through VoxDirect

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All from a single app on your phone or desktop


Every month our customers are:

100K 90K $10M 30K 15K 12K
calls via their virtual receptionists
100K 90K $10M 30K 15K 12K
voicemails transcribed to email
100K 90K $10M 30K 15K 12K
calls via WiFi - no cell minutes used

See how you can run your business from anywhere with VoxDirect


Call Forwarding

Get your calls anywhere
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Avoid acts of disappearance... If you are going to be unavailable, you can get your calls forwarded to your home phone, office, or to any of your colleagues.

VOIP/Wi-Fi Calling

Call from anywhere using WiFi
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No reception? No problem. Get your calls over WiFi. Save your minutes and data by switching to WiFi for business calls and texts.

Always be available... even poolside.


Voicemail and Transcription

Quickly read through your voicemails
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Setup a professional voicemail for your biz. Then, have voicemail transcription convert your voicemails to text! - save time by quickly reading through your voicemails on your computer, iPhone, or Android device.


Virtual Receptionist

Get your virtual assistants - without the payroll
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Set up multiple virtual receptionists to help your business sound more professional and ensure you never miss a call. Calls can go where you choose so you can run your business - your way.


Call Screening

Connect with your customers, not spammers
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Spammers are a drain on all of our lives - especially the robot callers! Quickly weed out the spammers and ask callers to give their name - no more spammers - just your customers.



Get customers to reach the right staff
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Create your extensions, route them to any phone or group of phones. Your staff can have their own extensions too!


Call Transfers

Transfer calls to the right person
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Transfer calls to the right person at will, and provide a great service. When you are on a call with a customer, you can simply send it directly to the extension of your choice


Call Recording

Record what’s important, no notes required
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Some calls are important and you’ll need to capture the finer details. Simply press a few buttons on your phone app while you’re on a call, and VoxDirect will record it for you - plus it all comes via email too!


Conference Calling

Let’s bring in Maria!
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Sometimes you just need to get your team together - whether it’s for a quick-pow-wow or strategy session. With VoxDirect you can connect up to five different numbers on the same call, at no extra charge!


Virtual Fax

Get faxes instantly
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Your VoxDirect number also accepts incoming faxes, or you can add a dedicated line… and they’re instantly sent to you by email.

Get it straight from our customers!

Having the VoxDirect virtual assistant has helped my new motorcycle dealership sound professional and much larger than a start-up business.
Eric Green Owner - Eagle Powersports
Eric Green
The VoxDirect platform is amazing! I love that I am able to keep my business calls and text separate from my personal ones and don't need to have my personal cell number out on the web. The system has also allowed me to easily connect with my customers in a way that they want to communicate, and I know my messages will be read.
Jamie DeMent Business Consultant, DeMent Enterprises
Jamie DeMent
I used to use RingCentral for my business and they were horrible. Numerous dropped calls and recordings didn’t work all the time. As a growing business, this has become an issue and I needed to work with a company that is reliable. I was so happy to find VoxDirect since I am now able to engage with clients and vendors with confidence knowing that my calls won’t be dropped and I can successfully record calls when needed.
Ruby Benoit Founder & Head of Craftiness, Craft Good Business
Ruby Benoit

Let’s get this (business) party started!💃

Separate your business and personal life:

1 Sign-up to VoxDirect
2 Choose a Number(toll-free or port your existing number)
3 Configure your extensions and get your staff up and running
4 Configure your Virtual Receptionist and sound like a pro
5 Download the app and get it working for you!

Start connecting with your customers today!

30-day free trial | All features access | No setup fee

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