The Team Behind VoxDirect

We Love Small Business


Our Mission

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy and so are the entrepreneurs that take great risks everyday. That's why we've created a company with the heart and soul to innovate solutions that empower those who brave new frontiers to make life better for many. It's our love for the small business world that fuels our mission to create cutting-edge platforms, apps, and solutions for small business communications and outreach.


Creating Solutions That Make Good Sense!

VoxDirect is the only all-in-one text marketing + business phone solution that offers a 98% open rate on marketing campaigns and an over 500% better engagement rate than email. We are dedicated to innovating solutions that improve the communication and sales efforts of our customers and affiliates.

"We're here for a purpose and that is to help your business succeed so you can make life better for many!"
Larry Wallace President, VoxDirect from VOXOX Larry Wallace