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Taking Action in a World of Obstacles

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About the Episode

George Kocher found early success as a Division 1 wrestler in college, learning to go the extra mile to secure major wins. After stepping into the finance and private equity world, he used some of the same tactics to grow a flourishing business and becoming a data-driven leader. Today, George is CEO of Brand North, a complete Digital Marketing & Growth Consulting Agency. In this episode, George shares great insight and tips on how you can grow your business and thrive in unstable circumstances.

About the Guest

George Kocher is a data-driven Sales and Marketing leader with experience in SEO. After graduating from Cornell University, and working in finance and the private equity world, George found his passion in Marketing. He currently serves as the Founder and CEO of Brand North, a digital marketing, SEO and growth consulting agency that focuses on applying sophisticated marketing strategies and technical solutions to local businesses. George has a proven track record of success in leading teams and an ability to find overlooked opportunities. As a former Division 1 wrestler, George is still an avid health and wellness enthusiast, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fan, and marathoner. In addition to caring about his own health, George is a mental health advocate and enjoys volunteering.

About The Comeback Show

In each episode, Staci sits down with notable business leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs to discuss how they have turned adversity into epic comeback stories that enabled them to build a life and business they love.